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Bags to protect the fruit

Protect your grapes against wasps, hornets and birds...these protective bags allow you to preserve the harvest. They are permeable to water and air and also provide a biogical protection.

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Black Teinturier

The leaves are laden with tannin, reddened by June and are used to make infusions used as a tonic for venous troubles as well as in a footbath to cure heaviness in the legs. Small to average sized, very black grapes.

Price €17.50

Blue Muscat

It produces large, loose clusters, with fairly large, oval berries. The pulp is crunchy and pleasantly fragrant. It is also very insensitive to cryptogamic diseases.

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Jardivigne Osmocote Tablet

These 10 caps of delayed-release fertilizer provide balanced nutrition for your plants for 6 months. They allow regular and harmonious growth. Suitable for planting and the first year.

Price €6.00


Natural product. This calcareous and magnesian amendment makes it possible to compensate for the magnesia deficiencies of the grounds and to prevent problems of foliar discolouration and drying of the raids. Use 150 G to 200 G per plant according to

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 Its more or less compact clusters are of medium size and cylindrical shape. Its spherical grains, medium or large, of a bluish black, are wrapped in a thick skin containing a fleshy flesh with a very pronounced raspberry flavour. Commonly called "Raspberry Grape".

Price €20.50


Big and elongated bunches, medium oval grapes, thin skin, firm, juicy and sweet flesh, without pips.

Price €17.50

White Italian Ideal

This is a well-known variety whose grapes are widely commercialised. The grape bunches are quite big and loose, the grapes are oval with a musky flavour and thick skin.

Price €17.50

Villard Noir

Variety of medium vigor but very fertile.

It resists well to mildew and powdery mildew but is a little sensitive to gray rot.

Clusters and berries are of medium size.

Harvest between mid and end of September (in the south-west)

Villard noir makes it possible to produce colored wines of decent quality.

Price €7.80

Angevine Madelein

A very early ripennin grape, it has medium and airy clusters. The grains, quitelarge and thin-skinned, are slightly ovoid.

Price €17.50