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Natural product. This calcareous and magnesian amendment makes it possible to compensate for the magnesia deficiencies of the grounds and to prevent problems of foliar discolouration and drying of the raids. Use 150 G to 200 G per plant according to

Price €6.90


Organic fertilizer for vines. (NPK 7.4.7. + 2 Mg). Its formula is specially studied to obtain a balanced growth and an abundant harvest. The presence of magnesium makes it possible to obtain healthy, dark green foliage. Can be used in organic gardening. Dose: 100 grams per plant.

1 pack of 750 Grs.

Price €8.60

Jardivigne Osmocote Tablet

These 10 caps of delayed-release fertilizer provide balanced nutrition for your plants for 6 months. They allow regular and harmonious growth. Suitable for planting and the first year.

Price €6.00