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4 plants sans traitement
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4 plants sans traitement

This package consists of 4 disease-resistant plants:

1 Aladdin red grape table varieties

3 varieties of white grape table Candin, Perdin and Amandin

We offer you 4 caps of Jardivigne Osmocote Tablet slow release fertilizer

Price €82.00

Angevine Madelein

A very early ripennin grape, it has medium and airy clusters. The grains, quitelarge and thin-skinned, are slightly ovoid.

Price €17.50


The grape variety Artaban is of medium strength and resistant to mildew and powdery mildew. But it is sensitive to black rot and magnesium deficiency.

The bunches are large, conical and compact. The berries are small, of simple flavor, with fine skin and juicy pulp.

The wines obtained are light, colorful, to consume quickly and dominated by fruit aromas. 

Price €7.80

Autumn Royal

 Also called Autumn Seedless, its clusters are medium in size, branched and more or less compact. Its ovoid berries are very large: record size for an Apyrene grape! The skin is thin and contains a very crisp flesh, pale yellow with a sweet and pleasant flavor and practically seedless. Very productive variety but irregularly.

Price €17.50

Bags to protect the fruit

Protect your grapes against wasps, hornets and birds...these protective bags allow you to preserve the harvest. They are permeable to water and air and also provide a biogical protection.

Price €12.90

Black Aladin

Large bunches of average sized round grapes that are sweet and juicy. This truly new variety was created by the National Institute of Agronomic Research, in France (INRA). In addition to the flavour of the grapes this variety is highly resistant to

Price €20.50

Black Corinth

Quite a long, cylindrical bunch of very small grapes, with a thin skin, juicy flesh and no pips.

Price €17.50