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Black Prima

Average to large sized bunches of elliptical grapes with a thin skin and a firm pulp.

Price €17.50

Black Ribol

This variety has large bunches of round and elongated grapes with a simple flavour and fleshy taste.

Price €17.50

Black Teinturier

The leaves are laden with tannin, reddened by June and are used to make infusions used as a tonic for venous troubles as well as in a footbath to cure heaviness in the legs. Small to average sized, very black grapes.

Price €17.50

Blue Muscat

It produces large, loose clusters, with fairly large, oval berries. The pulp is crunchy and pleasantly fragrant. It is also very insensitive to cryptogamic diseases.

Price €20.50

Blue Portuguese

The bunch is of average cylindrical size, with large blue-black coloured grapes that melt in your mouth.

Price €17.50
Cadeau 2 plants sans traitements
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Cadeau 2 plants sans...

This package consists of 2 disease-resistant plants:

1 white grape table variety, Le Perdin

1 Aladdin red grape table variety

We offer you 2 caps of Jardivigne Osmocote Tablet slow release fertilizer

Price €41.00

Chambourcin noir

Very vigorous variety, resistant to cold but sensitive to drought and chlorosis.

The bunches and berries are medium in size and they are ripe from mid to late September (in the southwest).

Very good resistance to mildew and powdery mildew.

Chambourcin makes it possible to produce colored wines of decent quality.

Price €7.80