Early vines

Early vines

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Black Prima

Average to large sized bunches of elliptical grapes with a thin skin and a firm pulp.

Price €16.90

Blue Portuguese

The bunch is of average cylindrical size, with large blue-black coloured grapes that melt in your mouth.

Price €16.90

Early Saumur Muscat

The bunches are average sized with matching round grapes, slightly flat at each end and very golden when mature. The flesh is firm under a thin skin with a very pronounced musky taste.

Price €16.90

Early White Perdin

The grapes are savoury tasting, aromatic, beautifully formed, golden and mature early. This truly new variety was created by the National Institute of Agronomic Research, in France (INRA). In addition to the flavour of the grapes this variety is

Price €19.90