Early vines

Early vines

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Its medium-sized cluster bears spherical, large, golden-yellow berries. Its firm pulp has a fine musk flavor.
Price €17.50

Madere red Muscat

It has round berries that are red to dark purple in color. Her skin is thin. Its flesh is tender with a musky flavor.
Price €17.50

Muscat bleu

It produces large, loose clusters, with fairly large, oval berries. The pulp is crunchy and pleasantly fragrant. It is also very insensitive to cryptogamic diseases.

Price €20.50

Violet Chasselas

This variety develops early a violet colouring on the stalks and the grapes. Later the grapes take on a light rose colouring before maturity. The average sized round grapes are juicy and sweet tasting.

Price €17.50

White Chasselas

This is one of the best grapes, always well appreciated for its thin skinned, average sized, golden grapes with a juicy taste that melts in your mouth.

Price €17.50