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Villard Noir

Variety of medium vigor but very fertile.

It resists well to mildew and powdery mildew but is a little sensitive to gray rot.

Clusters and berries are of medium size.

Harvest between mid and end of September (in the south-west)

Villard noir makes it possible to produce colored wines of decent quality.

Price €7.80

Angevine Madelein

A very early ripennin grape, it has medium and airy clusters. The grains, quitelarge and thin-skinned, are slightly ovoid.

Price €17.50

White Sultanine

Variété sans pépins la plus cultivée dans le monde et notamment en Grèce pour faire les raisins secs. Grosse grappe lâche avec des grains ovales à peau épaisse.

Price €17.50

White Ora

This variety produces large lithe bunches which hold themselves well. The grapes are large and oval; the skin is thin and golden in the sun. The pulp is firm and rich in sugar.

Price €17.50

Black Corinth

Quite a long, cylindrical bunch of very small grapes, with a thin skin, juicy flesh and no pips.

Price €17.50


 Pinot Noir is one of the emblematic grape varieties of the Burgundian and Champenois vineyards. It is also the only red vat plant authorized in Alsace.

Price €5.80