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Grappe moyenne, plutôt lâche. Baie prenant une coloration ambrée à complète maturation, peau épaisse, pulpe juteuse. Du languedocien "servar" (conserver) ce raisin a la particularité de se conserver longtemps sur souche. On peut aussi

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White Finger Grapes

The large bunches have big and firm grapes, with a pleasant and sweet taste, pale yellow colouring and a long and concave shape justifying the name.

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Fertile variety with regular production, also called "5455 Seibel". It is hardy and resists diseases well. The bunches are compact and of medium size. The berries are small, firm and raspberry flavored. Ripe in the first half of September.

Price €7.80

Courtiller's Admirable Rosy

The average sized bunches carry large oval shaped grapes of a golden yellow colour turning rosy in the sun and with maturity. The skin is thin and the flesh melts in your mouth and is juicy.

Price €17.50

Villard Blanc

Vigorous variety that is quite fertile but matures late (end of September in the south-west).

It resists well to downy mildew and gray rot but is a little sensitive to powdery mildew.

Clusters and berries are medium to large in size.

Villard blanc makes it possible to produce a wine of ordinary quality.

Price €7.80


Its medium-sized cluster bears spherical, large, golden-yellow berries. Its firm pulp has a fine musk flavor.
Price €17.50

Autumn Royal

 Also called Autumn Seedless, its clusters are medium in size, branched and more or less compact. Its ovoid berries are very large: record size for an Apyrene grape! The skin is thin and contains a very crisp flesh, pale yellow with a sweet and pleasant flavor and practically seedless. Very productive variety but irregularly.

Price €17.50

White Sulima

This variety produces big loose bunches of golden grapes practically without pips. This grape has a highly appreciated taste and is ideal for culinary uses.

Price €17.50