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Black Ribol

This variety has large bunches of round and elongated grapes with a simple flavour and fleshy taste.

Price €17.50

Black Teinturier

The leaves are laden with tannin, reddened by June and are used to make infusions used as a tonic for venous troubles as well as in a footbath to cure heaviness in the legs. Small to average sized, very black grapes.

Price €17.50

Blue Muscat

It produces large, loose clusters, with fairly large, oval berries. The pulp is crunchy and pleasantly fragrant. It is also very insensitive to cryptogamic diseases.

Price €20.50

Blue Portuguese

The bunch is of average cylindrical size, with large blue-black coloured grapes that melt in your mouth.

Price €17.50

Courtiller's Admirable Rosy

The average sized bunches carry large oval shaped grapes of a golden yellow colour turning rosy in the sun and with maturity. The skin is thin and the flesh melts in your mouth and is juicy.

Price €17.50


Ce Cépage a une saveur simple et une pulpe croquante. Les grappes sont grosses (600 à 800 g) et lâches, les baies sont ovales et sans pépins avec une coloration dorée.

Price €17.50

Early Saumur Muscat

The bunches are average sized with matching round grapes, slightly flat at each end and very golden when mature. The flesh is firm under a thin skin with a very pronounced musky taste.

Price €17.50